Wonnacott Farm Organic Produce
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Free Range Organic Turkeys produced in Devon

Soil Association Organic Standard

EU Agriculture

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Traditional Norfolk Black Christmas Organic Turkeys. Organic lamb from our flock of Charollais, Suffolk and Roussin sheep. We grow organic oats, barley, wheat and peas for our animals. Organic beef from our small herd of South Devons.

Wonnacott Farm - Devon Organic Produce

Click here for details of how to order your turkey..Our farm is small and traditional, run by our family and tucked away in the Devon countryside.
We are best known for our traditional Norfolk Black Christmas free-range organic turkeys, but we also produce delicious organic beef from our small herd of South Devons, Ruby Reds and Aberdeen Angus cattle.
From our flock of Charollais, Dorset and Zwartbles sheep we produce organic lamb and mutton together with three natural colours of organic knitting wool.

We are passionate about producing healthy food in a way that is as sustainable as possible and we aim to reduce food miles by being as self-sufficient as we can. So this inspires us to grow organic oats and other cereals that our livestock enjoy.

If you would like to know more about what we do, please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

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1. The Soil Association
2. Tricia Knitting
Tricia Holman is a lifelong knitting enthusiast who shares her aunt Elizabeth Zimmermann's revolutionary approach to knitting through workshops and lectures. Now Tricia shows how a few simple techniques enable the knitter to knit the garment they really wanted to knit and also one that fits!
3. Tasmanian King Bee Honey
Pure raw honey, produced by bees in southern Tasmania, cold extracted and unprocessed.
Rosie's brother Maurice started his bee keeping business in Tasmania in 2007. Maurice first experienced beekeeping when his mother kept bees on the family farm in Devon, in the 1950s and 60s.
4. Cosyn Cymru
Cosyn Cymru (Welsh Truckle) is an award-winning dairy in North Wales specialising in unpasteurised ewe's milk cheese, yogurt and ice cream. Inspired by a medley of master cheese-makers, Carrie Rimes (Rosie's sister) makes her ewe’s milk products by hand in small batches with natural ingredients, using traditional methods.